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Comet Ikeya-Seki 1965

The Story of a Comet Hunter's Life


The Discovery story of Comet Seki-Lines
[My book "Seeking Unknown Stars" in 1993.]
Comet Seki-Lines (1962 C1) was discovered on February 4, 1962, my second comet discovery. This is my account of the moment of discovery, anxiety before and after reporting the discovery, and a sense of relief and achievement after the confirmation.
(The story was previously published in my book "Seeking Unknown Stars" in 1993.)
Part 1 - 3   |   Part 4   |   Part 5   |   Part 6   |   Part 7
Part 8   |   Part 9   |   Part 10   |   Part 11  and ...

Tsutomu Seki and the Great Comet of 1965
- The year 2005 marks the 40th anniversary
of a great sungrazing comet -
Sky & Telescope, January 2006

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